Welcome to Isklatring i Trøndelag


Isklatring i Trondheim & Trøndelag provides regular updates and information regarding local ice climbing conditions, new routes and events in the Trondheim and Trøndelag region of Norway.

Isklatring i Trondheim & Trøndelag, started as a simple Facebook page in the winter of  2011. The plan was simple, to use the power of social media to keep interested climbers up to date with the latest ice climbing conditions in the Trondheim area.

After a number of excellent winter climbing seasons and discussions with local climbers, the team behind Isklatring i Trondhiem saught to revive the Oppdal Ice Climbing Festival. 

After gathering as many interested folks as possible and with the amazing support from local companies and services, the Oppdal Ice Climbing Festival was once again revived in February 2018. A full 12 years since the previous event.

In the winter of 2019, we again aim to run the event and hope that we can entice as many climbers, from near and far to participate.

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