The β Bible: Operation Kongsvoll – 3rd November 2018

November 3, 2018 0 By isklatringtrondheim
The β Bible: Operation Kongsvoll – 3rd November 2018

Operation Kongsvoll was a huge success today. Supported by air and ass from the USMC’s finest. Pretty wild day, topping out an icefall to the sound of tanks rolling by and being eye-level with a helicopter gunship…



Anyways the ice in Drivdalen is forming, Kongsvoll was formed all the way down to the bridge and just requires some careful route picking to avoid wet feet. The start of the main pitches was really nice buttery ice, a little thin in places but very ok otherwise. The top crux offers a few variations and is really solid at the moment with no umbrellas or scary curtains.


Åmotsdalen is forming, Hesthåggån too. Tøftfossen and Wenche Foss are also forming nicely but may be a little thin. Brudetappene is also forming quite well but still a big hanging dagger at the moment. Duff man and side show bob at Lapp Camp also coming into really nice shape.