The β Bible: Drivdalen – 14th November 2018

November 4, 2018 Off By isklatringtrondheim
The β Bible: Drivdalen – 14th November 2018

It’s been cold in the valley and at altitude along the E6 Drivdalen is beginning to become wintery. Although it seems not so early as last year! Here’s a lowdown of the ice lines that were forming well.


Here’s Åmotsdalen with Venstre Brudepupp (WI3+) and Høyre Brudepupp (WI3+) forming, but still thin. Kløfta (WI3+ M2+) appears to be just a couple of ice patches.



Tøftfossen (WI4), Diplomisen (WI5) and Grubekken (WI3) at Drivstua are all well on their way. Grubekken was an open stream, but is forming ice. Tøftfossen seems well formed and Diplomisen may be on its way to being in excellent condition this year.



Wenche Foss AKA Royal Garden (WI3+) looking really good. Plus a bunch of other icy looking runnels here that may make for some fun mixed variations on this crag.



Tilslørte Bondepikker (WI3). Plenty of things going on here for low-angled, early season climbing. These lines typically disappear when the snow arrives.



This may-or-may-not-be Brurgræslje (WI3+), Mekanisk Kommunikasjon (WI5) and Slakkis (WI3) at Øylia, but am not certain. Either way, looks good!



Here’s Duff Man (WI5), Side Show Bob (M6 R) and Dr. Fugl (WI5 M5) at Nestavollan. These were pretty fickle last year. They seem to be just at the wrong altitude in Drivdalen to be quite easily affected by warm weather, despite being north facing.



Here’s Brudgomsbjølla just down from Kongsvold Fjellstue. Was an open stream on the right but solid WI4/4+ climbing in the midle, with an easier stepped variation going up to the left.



Finally, the crown jewel of Drivdalen… Kongsvollfossen (WI3-4). Formed all the way to the bridge with easy climbing all the way. No issues at the final pillar yet.