The β Bible: Le tour de Trondheim – 24th January 2019

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The β Bible: Le tour de Trondheim – 24th January 2019

Starting with the basics, Theisendammen WI-3, obviously not in the best of condition however it should be worth an evenings visit in a week or so.


Above: Theisendammen WI-3 in Byåsen. The closest ice to town, public transport accessible and a great place to throw up a top-rope for the evening.

Moving out on the 715 to Trolla, quite a bit of ice is forming but much is still on the thin side.



Left: Faubekken WI-2+ Right: Løften WI-3, the route is actually rather uninteresting and a lot less steep than it first looks, there’s also a chain that runs the entire length of the line that can be used for protection if ice screws are getting boring.

If you continue out to Høstad, the two pitch line of Skirna is slowly forming. Whilst only the upper wall of the first pitch is visible through trees there seems to be quite a bit of ice hiding there.


Above: The upper part of the first pitch of Skirna WI-3 poking through the trees.

Heading out to Klett its pretty obvious the best ice is forming on north facing aspects. The quarry at Reitan on the FV 6606 has ice forming in the back and it would seem on the wall to the right side too. The forest behind the farms and industrial area also features quite some ice!

However, its not until Motorvegen next to the E 39 and the Øysandpillaren headwall on Øyberga does the extent of ice become apparent.


Above: The Øysandpillar WI-5 on the headwall at Øyberget.
Above: Close up of Øysandpillaren for your perusal.

The next stop on le tour is of course Buvika. Unfortunately most of Saltnesberga was shrouded in fog, but the lines are forming. Still thin but they are on their way.


Above: Pretty spectacular scenes heading over the hill into Saltnes.

Needless to say conditions roadside on the 6646 (Vigdalsvegen) were not as exciting as the Øysand area, despite being north facing, most of the lines are far too thin to be worth any effort.


Above: Whilst obviously not as impressive as Øysandpillaren, the line of Buvika Pillar (WI-4)is actually a good line. Plenty of mixed lines also form here. Further up the road is Lab Rat (WI-3), which also makes a mellow single pitch route.  

The final stop of le tour is of course Tilleråsen. Whilst the crag is notorious for being thin and often a mix of snow and ice (as well as brutally steep some years) it seems as though it might be coming into quite good condition this year. The mysterious Tiller Pillar, which has likely never actually formed a pillar, appears to be forming up quite well. The two routes in the middle of the crag, the aptly and rather unimaginatively named Den i Midten (WI-4) and Den Andre i Midten (WI-4+ to WI-5) are forming up really nicely. Den Andre i Midten actually appeared to have been climbed recently too… Fess up!


Above: Den i Midten (WI-4) to the left and Den Andre i Midten (WI-4+/5) to the right.


Above: Den Andre i Midten slightly corrected.


Above: Den i Midten. Gets about WI-3+ or 4 and doable as one long stretched out pitch. Seems to be the usual Tilleråsen mix of ice on snow, so probably needs a little more time before its really worth visiting.

So that’s the end of the tour. Given the long term forecast for Trondheim, that appears to be warming a little, there is good chance for the lesser formed lines to come into good shape throughout February.