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Isklatring i Trøndelag (IKT) is a non-profit, online and community based entity, that provides an overview of ice climbing routes and conditions throughout the Trøndelag county of Norway.

IKT was founded as a Facebook page in 2011 in response to the limited online information available at the time. Since it has grown as a community and now acts as the main access point for the distribution of information for the Oppdal Ice Climbing Festival.


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Ice climbing and winter mountaineering are dangerous activities. The information regarding ice climbing routes and conditions presented on this website are in absolutely no way any replacement for experience and personal judgement.

In creating this website, we rely upon information provided by local climbers and enthusiasts that may not be accurate. Any information regarding the technical difficulties and grade of of climbs is entirely subjective and may differ to the opinion of you and others. This is also the case with regards to reliability of conditions reports and fluctuations in weather conditions that ultimately affect these conditions.

Do not use this website or the information contained herein unless you are a skilled and experienced climber who understands and accepts the risks of climbing. If you choose to use any information in this website to plan, attempt, or climb a particular route, you do so entirely at your own risk.