Top-Roping For Beginners Clinic – Sunday


An all day clinic for those competent at indoor, sport or trad climbing who are looking to taste ice climbing for the first time.


NB This page is for information only. Booking is to be made via the vipps app to no: 505842

If you do not have access to vipps, for bookings contact

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About The Clinic:

An all day clinic for those who are experienced indoor and outdoor climbers looking to try the sport of ice climbing for the first time.

The day will be spent climbing ice of varying difficulty with the safety of a top-rope and with technique guidance from experienced local climbers.


The clinic will take place from 12:00 – 15:00 on Saturday.

The clinic is limited to 12 participants.


Location: Treningsfeltet – Klevan


Required equipment:

  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • Mountaineering or Ski boots suitable for step-in or semi-auto crampons.
  • Crampons ideally with vertical front points and suited to your boots.*
  • Ice axes suited to waterfall ice climbing, e.g. not glacier axes.*
  • Warm clothing suited to strenuous activity for a prolonged period outdoors.
  • Numerous pairs of gloves. We recommend several thin pairs for climbing, plus a larger/ warm pair for belaying/ rests.
  • Food and drink sufficient for 6 hours outside.


*These items are available on loan from Vertical Playground. Unfortunately boots are NOT available this year.


Terms & Conditions

The Oppdal Ice Climbing Festival is a non-profit social gathering arranged by local climbers, Oppdal Klatre og- Fjellsportklubb and with the help of volunteers from NTNUI Tindegruppa.

All ticket sales are considered final and tickets are non-refundable however, tickets are transferable. If you wish to transfer your festival ticket you are free to do so, just let us know so we can update our system with participants. The same applies to tickets for courses.


Ice climbing and winter mountaineering are dangerous activities that can cause serious injury or death. Throughout the festival you are ultimately responsible for your own behaviour regarding personal safety. All participants for this clinic must have either a NKF Brattkort or Ledkort. Participants are responsible for their own safety and must ensure they have sufficient knowledge to secure themselves and others during the day.