Ice Routes In Trøndelag

Here you will find a page dedicated to the documentation of ice climbing routes in the Trøndelag county of Norway.

The map is currently being updated and new routes will be added continually.

On the map below, each route is positioned individually with description, grade and in most cases a picture. Clicking the “Directions” link should open Google Maps either as a web page if viewing from a computer or the Google Maps App if viewing on a smartphone.

You are also free to download routes as a Google Earth .KML file for viewing in Google Earth on a desktop or smartphone if desired. The co-ordinates system between OpenStreetMap and Google Earth should be directly comparable, however some positions may seem a little obscured when combined with satellite imagery.


Ice route – Ice routes, hover over marker for the route name, click for description.
Big Lines – This marker is used to indicate classic routes or local test-pieces that are worth visiting.



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Theisendammen WI3: 63.423428, 10.347702
Lidarende Dry-Tooling Crag: 63.345344, 10.537927
Struka WI4 **: 63.539576, 10.879576
Øyanbruddet WI4: 63.317308, 10.267968
Sofie\'s World WI3: 62.804660, 10.034809
Miganbekken WI4: 62.841789, 9.861646
Buvika Pillar WI4-: 63.291126, 10.186408
Lab Rat WI3: 63.290557, 10.186960
Støren Roadside Ice Lines: 63.067315, 10.287098
Nirvana WI4+: 63.429267, 9.527121
Løftbekken WI3: 63.451339, 10.275478
Dirty Dancing M5 WI4+: 62.843591, 9.854071
Kubein WI6: 63.421357, 9.498668
Brudgomsbjølla (Sprenbekken) WI4: 62.317979, 9.619849
Kongsvollfossen (Skåkbekken) WI4: 62.334190, 9.627457
Coldfinger WI3: 62.343992, 9.587889
Nystuggubekken WI3: 62.345377, 9.591730
Dr. Snø WI2+: 62.345367, 9.592631
Øverraskelsen WI4: 62.322232, 9.625182
Vårstigåa WI3: 62.362378, 9.637778
Tøftfossen WI4: 62.427121, 9.587191
Diplom Is WI5: 62.427186, 9.586711
Grubbekken (Gruvbekken) WI3: 62.427509, 9.586709
Svinfallet WI4: 62.622000, 9.484076
Almfjellfoss WI4-: 63.437328, 9.510384
Øysandpillaren WI5: 63.321220, 10.214152
Henfallet WI3: 63.022091, 11.600350


New Routes

If you climb a new route and wish to have it included in the database here, please get in touch through the Isklatring i Trøndelag Facebook Page with the location of the route, a description of the route ideally with picture and the recommended descent.

Due to the long and extensive history of ice climbing in the Trondheim and Trondelag area, newer routes that are listed in this database are typically first recorded ascents. Where the names of first ascensionists is given, these are based purely on information available from published guidebooks and anecdotal information from local climbers, therefore inaccuracies may be present. Please feel free to contact the site if you feel this is the case.

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Ice climbing and winter mountaineering are dangerous activities. The information regarding ice climbing routes and conditions presented on this website are in absolutely no way any replacement for experience and personal judgement.

In creating this website, we rely upon information provided by local climbers and enthusiasts that may not be accurate. Any information regarding the technical difficulties and grade of of climbs is entirely subjective and may differ to the opinion of you and others. This is also the case with regards to reliability of conditions reports and fluctuations in weather conditions that ultimately affect these conditions.

Do not use this website or the information contained herein unless you are a skilled and experienced climber who understands and accepts the risks of climbing. If you choose to use any information in this website to plan, attempt, or climb a particular route, you do so entirely at your own risk.